Measuring, monitoring and managing

“Knowledge is power!”

A term that is heard regularly. And it is also true. By measuring in your electrical installation, you gain more understanding of your energy consumption and the quality of voltage and current (Power Quality). You can use the obtained energy data as a management tool to analyze and optimize your installation. By efficient use of energy and controlling the energy consumption the energy costs and CO2-emission decrease.

Training date:

28 September 2017

Energy consumption

By measuring electrical energy, the energy consumption can be identified in every detail. You can detect the loss of consumption, localize big specific consumers and register trends. By actively working with these data, you can improve your energy efficiency, instead of passively accept the current situation.

Power Quality

By measuring the voltage and current in your electrical installation, you get insight into their quality, also known as power quality. This quality is directly related to visible and slumbering problems that are already present or manifest themselves in the future. By measuring, analyzing the data and making necessary improvements future problems can be prevented.

What, where and how to measure?

If you have taken the decision that you want to start measuring, you need to determine what you want to measure, where you want to measure and how the measurement data can be used most efficiently. Which might be very difficult to determine. All this and more you will learn in our course "Measuring, monitoring and managing".
We have developed this training in close co-operation with Professor J.F.G. Cobben.
He will also share his knowledge and vision with the students, during (part of) the training.

Smart meters and specialized software

We will also pay attention to the smart meters of SATEC. These are available in a large variety; from simple energy meters to highly specialized power quality analyzers. For every situation and desire is a perfectly appropriate meter available. The software for the SATEC meters and all the possibilities it gives you will also be discussed.

Training in Dutch

During the above dates our Power Quality training will be given in Dutch. For a minimum of 10 participants, we can compose a customer-specific training in English. As a location we can use your own company location, a different location of your choice or the Eindhoven University of Technology (subject to availability). For more information about the possibilities and costs, please contact us.


Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
9:00 am - 16:30 pm
€ 650,-

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