Power Quality measuring & Energy scans

A good Power Quality is of significant importance for companies. A poor Power Quality can lead to high costs and can even be life-threatening. Improvement of the Power Quality can lead to operational reliability, energy savings, safety within your installation, and thus overall lower costs. Because of this, it is important that the quality of your electrical installations is frequently assessed, and potential future problems are predicted and identified.

Measurements provide insight into the quality of electricity

It is important to know the status of your electrical installation, to find out where problems may occur and where complications can be expected. It is vital to gain insight into the quality of the electrical installation in order to give advice, resolve existing problems, or prevent possible defects. In order to gain insight into the quality of electricity, it is vital to use specialized Power Quality measurements to analyse and interpret the data correctly.

Research into the quality and the efficient use of electricity

On request, we can perform an advanced Power Quality Measuring & Energy Scan to better understand the quality and efficiency of an electrical installation. One of our engineers carries out the measurements by utilizing professional advanced equipment to perform several Power Quality related measurements at different points in your electrical system. The data obtained from the measurements will then be processed and analysed in order for us to create a comprehensive report which details the possibilities regarding optimization for your electrical installation. Furthermore, we will discuss and elaborate on the report in a personal conversation which allows us to answer any questions or comments directly. We help you by choosing the best next steps to improve your particular situation.

HyTEPS Power Quality Scan

Extensive knowledge and experience in the field of Power Quality Research

Since the founding of HyTEPS in 2007 we have dealt with Power Quality, the quality of voltage, and current. Currently, we support a large number of companies in the Netherlands, as well as other countries across the globe. Every sector, every industry and every site has specific requirements, needs and threats concerning Power Quality. We have years of experience in practically all sectors of the market: from station to offshore rig, from horticulture to business zinc foundry, from hospital to luxury yacht. Due to these experiences, we continue to broaden and deepen our knowledge continuously. Using the most advanced equipment, we offer a thorough insight and targeted advice in the field of Power Quality.

Technologically innovative products

In addition to our knowledge and services in the field of Power Quality, we also provide technologically innovative products to improve and monitor the Power Quality. Our Harmonic Filters remove the (harmonic) pollution so there are fewer breakdowns, equipment can live a longer life, and the reliability and safety of the entire system are increased. We also offer capacitor banks. By installing one or more capacitor banks, the available electrical energy will be used more efficiently, which will increase the capacity and will avoid unnecessary energy losses and costs. Additionally, we offer companies quality monitoring: a package consisting of hardware, software, and our knowledge, to closely monitor any electrical installation and take appropriate action where necessary.

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Power Quality meting

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Power Quality meting

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