Higher voltage due to solar panels

Welten lowers voltage and prevents further problems and costs

“By installing solar panels we are saving energy and therefore reducing our CO2 emission. Unfortunately our solar panels caused a higher voltage in our electrical installation, resulting in office equipment malfunction and frequent errors. Luckely HyTEPS provided us with a suitable solutions, allowing us to rely again on our electrical system and equipment.
- Han Welten, director Welten Cleaning Equipment

✓ Lower voltage

✓ Reduction of Errors

✓ Extension of life span

✓ Saving Energy & CO2

Welten chooses solar panels

“The family business Welten from Deurne has existed since 1957. Because of our specialization in sales, service and maintenance of high quality cleaning equipment and hydraulics the company was renamed Welten Cleaning Equipment in 1990. In order to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, we opted for the installation of a large number of solar panels.”oot kozen wij voor de installatie van een groot aantal zonnepanelen.”

High voltage causes problems

“The installation of these solar panels was a great step forward in the area of sustainability. However, after the installation we noticed frequent errors caused by damaged office equipment. This turned out to be caused by a too high voltage level in our electrical system, regularly increasing to 250 Volts. The solar panels provide proper energy saving and a reduction of CO2 emissions, but at the same time they cause an increase in the voltage level, with all
its consequences.

HyTEPS voltage optimization

“After consulting HyTEPS, we decided to install a HyTEPS ComEC voltage optimizer. The ComEC voltage optimizer reduces the voltage up to 20 Volts. Because of the reduced voltage we can again rely on the usual functionality of our equipment and we save maintenance and repair costs.”

Additional savings in kWh and CO2

“In addition, this solution results in a further saving of electrical energy (kWh) and a corresponding reduction of CO2 emissions. After installation of the ComEC we we have not ascertained any problems related to the voltage level.”