Durability is an importantunderstanding for Wavin. On the one hand, we develop new products which support that durability. On the other hand, we look at our production and logistics and try every year to reduce our energy consumption.

Durability is central

Wavin is the biggest producer of plastic pipe systems in Europe, and since its acquisition by Mexichems , the biggest one in the world. Our set of actions to achieve this goal is twofold. On the one hand, we develop and launch new products that support durability. On the other hand, we look at our products and logistics, and try to reduce the energy consumption every year.

Significant energy saving without compromising performance

At injection molding companies, injection molding machines are huge consumers of electricity. Maarten Hamberg tells: “we looked at the energy consumption of our injection molding machines, and we can reduce this by applying HyTEPS SinuMEC voltage regulators for motors. By this, we significantly save energy, with an interesting payback time. We didn’t take any concessions on machine performance.

Ease of installation

Applying a voltage regulator was new for us. Untill now, we only had an experience with frequency controllers, but not with voltage regulators. We noticed the ease of installation and commissioning of the voltage regulator.