“Our challenge is not only to develop and build an operating system that guarantees the needs and health of the animals, it also has to work under all circumstances at sea, and comply with the strict rules.” - Ronald Ongenae from Technotron
✓ Safeguard animal welfare

Strict requirements

Shipping company Vroon in Breskens conducts a fleet of approximately 150 ships, of which 14 are specially for transporting living stock. There are strict rules to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the animals. Primary needs, like fresh air, enough drinking water, food, light and the right temperature, should be guaranteed at all times. For the construction of 4 new ships in China, Technotron was selected for the development and production of all Live Stock services.

Remove harmonic pollution

Ronald Ongenae tells: “Every ship is equipped with a primary operation system and a secondary system as full backup. If necessary, the secondary systems starts automatically. This is independent to the power supply of the ship. Every installation mainly consists of frequention inverters, that are powered to 2400A. Particular in a closed ‘stand-alone’ system, voltage pollution by harmonics will be a critical factor. Because the primary system is powered by the ship power,

harmonics can cause disturbances in the 'livestock system', as well as in sensitive instruments like the ships navigation and control.
The primary and secondary control are provided with several HyTEPS passive filters, which protect systems against harmonic pollution. These filters were selected by Technotron and are accepted by Bureau Veritas for this application.”
In August 2013, the first ship went into service and Technotron indicates that the findings regarding filtering are extremely positive.