Sporthal De Ruivert

"The adjoining sport complexes 'De Ruivert' and 'Mondriaan' in Oss are used very intensively, causing the light to be switched on for at least 16 hours a day. Because it concerns conventional lighting and both sport complexes are connected to the same power supply, a perfect location to us to save energy with the HyTEPS ComEC voltage regulator. The actual savings results are even better than expected!" - Pedro Kappen, CEO of Tijssen Elektro in Oss.

✓ Energy Saving of 17%

Power Quality and Energy Saving

"We have been working together with HyTEPS for several years now in the area of Power Quality, the quality of voltage and current. We are more than satisfied with this collaboration. In early 2013, HyTEPS told us about the COMEC voltage regulator, which is an easy way to save energy in a complete building, without violating the existing infrastructure. We already saw possible applications at several of our existing relations, including the Municipality of Oss. We have a contract with the Municipality of Oss and energy optimization is part of this contract. The Municipality of Oss owns and manages a large number of sport complexes where the use of conventional lighting and the extended opening hours should provide interesting saving results. "

HyTEPS Training Energy Saving

"We contacted the Municipality of Oss. And after we explained the possible additional savings a representative of the municipality participated with us in the HyTEPS training on energy saving by applying voltage optimization. During this course, the principle of voltage optimization was explained in detail. This was the deciding factor for the Municipality of Oss. "

Electricity savings

"The COMEC was installed in the main power supply to which both sport complexes 'De Ruivert' and 'Mondriaan' are connected. The installation was very easy. The realized savings of 17% on the kWh consumption is above all expectations. There is an additional saving in maintenance costs because lowering the voltage level increases the service life of electrical equipment. "