Optimize power and reduce energy consumption

Hotel Nijmegen saves after installation of COMEC voltage regulator

“To spoil our guests and to enrich their stay at Sanadome as much as possible, we consume a lot of energy. By installing the HyTEPS COMEC voltage regulator, Sanadome saves 10% in one of our Spa restaurants, which saves an enormous amount of CO2 emissions.” - Gerard Keurhorst, Repair & Maintenance Manager at Sanadome Nijmegen.





Saving is important for CSR (corporate social responsibility)

In a green and wooded area in Nijmegen lies the four star Sanadome Hotel & Spa. In the thermae flows mineral-rich thermal water, purified from two of their own sources. Sanadome is continuously looking for ways to optimize the quality of its equipment and, where possible, to save energy – all to ensure corporate social responsibility, save costs, and deliver consistent quality to guests.

Constantly looking for optimization

A contact alerted Gerard Keurhorst (Repair & Maintenance Manager at Sanadome) to the knowledge, services and products of HyTEPS in the areas of energy efficiency and power quality. Keurhorst subsequently participated in one of the HyTEPS’ Power Quality training sessions, after which HyTEPS performed a Power Quality & Energy Audit at his request. From the measurement data and analysis it became clear that Sanadome could realize savings of up to 10% by installing a voltage regulator at various locations.

10% savings with voltage regulator

“The HyTEPS COMEC voltage regulator has been installed by an electrician. After installation, HyTEPS performed control measurements during the commissioning. Due to these measurements it became clear that, if the voltage regulator is in operation, we actually have a lower, and therefore an optimal, tension in our network. This reduces fluctuations and creates proven savings in the kWh consumption of 10% in various locations.”