Perfetti van Melle Benelux B.V.

Perfetti van Melle is a sweets concern that produces sweets and chewing gum brands and sells in more than 130 countries. According to size, we are on the third place of candy manufacturers in the world, mr. Peter Marijnissen, employee of Perfetti van Melle, tells us. “Our location in Breda has approximately 700 employees and produces mainly Mentos for the European, American and Japanese market.”
✓ 17% saving on lights

Back to conventional lightings

After a bad experience with High Frequency lighting –which needed replacement every five years – Perfetti Breda decided to return to conventional lightings. In 2009 the company decided together with the Technical Union Breda and HyTEPS, to purchase the HyTEPS Light Energy Controller for the packing department.

HyTEPS Light Energy Controller easily installed

“HyTEPS made a calculation that resulted in an analysis about possible energy savings and ROI. We bought and installed the first unit of the Light Energy Controller in the packing department. We handled the installation ourselves as there was no challenge there”, according to a satisfied Peter Marijnissen. A few months after the installation in May 2009, HyTEPS conducted a final measure to determine the actual savings and ROI.

Saving of 17% on kW

That first unit realized a saving of 17% on kW with a ROI of less than one year and a half. “Based on the tabulation we received from HyTEPS, we are able to make the savings on other parts of the lighting installation visible in an easy way, by filling in the relevant data ourselves. In the following years we want to install one or two HyTEPS Light Energy Controllers annually.”