Maison van den Boer

Hospitality is in our genes. Sustainability is our DNA. We hold a reputation for over 105 years. Therefore, sustainability is inseparable from our organization. That was, that is, and that will be in the future.
✓ > 20% saving on lights

Conscious choices

Maison van den Boer wants an optimal sustainable functioning company. They realize this byalways making conscious choices with concernig sustainability criteria. Maison van de Boer’s central prodcution facility in Veghel has been named the ‘greenest production facility’ under European party caterers.

Energy saving and lifetime increasing

In 2012, there were a couple meetings with HyTEPS to identify possible opportunities to save on energy in the production facility in Veghel. After a thorough inventory of the electrical installation and the consumption of this location, several HyTEPS LEC units were installed to save on energy generated by lights. After the installation, the lamps used lower voltage and the temperature in the lamps was less high. Because of this, maintenance costs were saved.


Based on the measurement results before and after the installation of the HyTEPS saving units, Maison van den Boer expects an annual energy saving over 40.000 kWh (>20%). .The CO2 savings are equivalent to the electricity usage of 12 households. The payback time of the installation is less than 3 years.