As a company, you get only get the absolute centrainty that a customer is satisfied if he comes back. That is why we are happy to note the second order of Lankhorst Engineerd Products Sneek. Lankhorst ordered four HyTEPS Light Energy Controllers, which together quadrupled the previously obtained energy saving of 25%.
✓ Energy savings of >10.000 Euro

Innovative and enterprising

Lankhorst Engineered Products produces and develops high quality plastic products, based on recycled and new plastics. They are the European market leader and work from a long tradition of creativity and innovation. Lankhorst's quality products contribute to a better environment and fit in a sustainable environment.

Expansion installation LEC units

It is not surpising that Lankhorst has high standards when it comes to sustainable production processes. The HyTEPS Light Energy Controller, installed in 2009, saves 39.312 kWh each year on 63 HPL-N lighting luminaires. The expansion in 2011, with four LEC controllers for the remaining 197 luminaires realizes a saving of 162.240 kWh each year. This produces a total yearly saving on the energy bill of 12.240 Euro.

>10.000 euro with short ROI

In factories, lights burn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In this situation, the ROI is 1,5 years. Besides this, the lifetime of the lighting is extended, what leads to less reparations and less replacement costs of lights.