“As one of world’s leading brewery, both in volume and in terms of our portfolio of beer brands, we automatically have a huge responsibility in the field of corporate and social responsibility. Our vision ‘brewing a better future’ aspires to the right economic and ecological balance between durable investments in our natural environment, society, humans and partnerships.” - Wim Arkensteijn, Sr. Engineer Electrical/Instrumentation at Heineken
✓ 23% saving on lights

Heineken wants to be greenest

“Heineken wants to be the ‘greenest’ brewery on earth. Our durable policy consist of seven priorities, ranging from safety to labour policies in production countries. For our production process we specifically look at durable agriculture (grain and barley), water consumption, transport, packing and energy saving.”

Innovating and investing

“In collaboration with HyTEPS, we placed controllers (LEC) in two bottling plants and two beer warehouses. These LEC’s save each year 856.188 kWh and 445.218 kg CO2, this is comparable to 245 households.”

Saving 19,4% with HyTEPS

“Savings caused by the HyTEPS Light Energy Controllers are ranging from 13,2% to 26,2%. This results in a mean saving of 19,4% on energy costs of the lighting of four halls, in a payback time of less than two years. Moreover, the lifetime of our lamps is extended, which saves on the purchase and the physical replacement.
The HyTEPS LECs fits seamlessly in our sustainable policy, in which we aspire the right balance between ecological and economic efficiency.”