Gemeente Groesbeek

On advice from Accocare, the municipality Groesbeek in the Netherlands made the choice to implement several energy saving measures in its town hall building. Currently the municipality realises an energy lavel A improvent. By installing the HyTEPS ComEC Energy Controller, Groesbeek saves 6,7% on kWh on energy consumption in the town hall.
✓ 6,7% saving on the total usage

Sustainability property

Municipality Groesbeek wants to preserve their property as much as possible, and sees a possible solution in energy saving measures. “For the town hall, Groesbeek chose for the sustainability plan of Accocare, based on mainly electro technical and mechanical adjustments. The ComEC Energy Controller is part of this energy savings plan.

Accocare service organization

Accocare is a chain cooperation of companies working in the architectural, mechanical and electro technical field. By combining knowledge and specializations, we offer a total maintenance concept with the aim of unburdening our clients as much as possible. Nikkelen elektrotechniek is chain member of Accocare and member of ElektroNed. We have been successfull in the whole country for over 50 years, witihin the broad spectrum of companies in the utility sector.

Electricity savings

Groesbeek chose for the HyTEPS ComEC Energy Controller based on the easyness of its installation and ROI. By installation of the ComEC behind the main switch, Groesbeek saves on all electrical devices in the whole building. This results in an energy saving of approximately 6,7%.
Gemeente Groesbeek