Dycore Systeemvloeren

Dycore Systeemvloeren is a subsidiary of the publicly listed and worldwide operating CRH. Dycore develops, produces and delivers concrete system floors for a wide variety of buildings and various applications: ground floors, level flooring and roof floors.
✓ 25% saving on lights

The increasing price of electricity has become an important part of our the production costs. Dycore Systeemvloeren wants to work as energy-efficiently as possible, to save the environment and reduce costs. In the production hall of Dycore are mercury vapor lamps present, the area lighting is mainly high-pressure mercury vapor and in the warehouse is fluorescent lighting applied. De lighting is switched on approximately 12 till 14 hours a day.

For this test, a kWh meter for the lighting is placed. The energy consumption with and without LEC B is measured. A saving of 25% on kWh consumption on lighting is detected.