Burgers’ Zoo aims at a minimal power consumption. By installing of the ComEC on the service centres, we realized a high reduction of energy consumption. We have several centers with a high energy consumption, so we definitely see more potential applications of the ComEC within Burgers’ Zoo.

Green policies

Burgers’ Zoo is since its founding in 1913 a family business. Since its beginning, the park is notable by its daring innovations, natural created animal shelters, and the creation of a visitor’s perception. Since 2004, Burgers’ Zoo is the proud owner of The Green Key in the golden gradation. This is a licensed European certification mark for health friendly and energy saving organisations.

Maessen & Hendriks advises ComEC for energy savings

In the framework of green policies, Burgers’ Zoo is continuously looking for possibilities to reduce energy consumption. Home installer Maessen & Hendriks advised the installation of HyTEPS’s ComEC voltage regulator. The ComEC is installed at the service centre where the animal’s nutrition at the park arrives and is stored and processed. In this service centre, the present refrigerators and freezers consume a lot of energy. By installing the ComEC right after the head installation, over 8% of energy consumption is saved in an easy way.

More possible applications

Burgers’ Zoo has several centres with high energy consumption and sees a lot of application possibilities for ComEC within Burgers’ Zoo.
Burgers Zoo