Nyrstar 2

Providing insight into the quality of electricity

EMT720T meters register all Power Quality circumstances

“A year ago we were dealing with an inexplicable temporary malfunction of our thyristors. To ensure insight into the Power Quality during future errors, HyTEPS provided advice and supplied us with the SATEC EM720T meter. Currently we have – via the included software- full time insight into the quality of our electricity, both real-time and in the past.” - Patrick Emmers, Reliability Engineer E&I at Nyrstar

✓ Advanced fast meters

✓ Registration of all Power Quality happenings

✓ Real-Time Insight

✓ Insight into history

Inexplicable loss of thyristors

Nyrstar is the only zinc producer in the Netherlands and produces circa 290,000 tons of high-quality zinc annually.
“When producing zinc, we use rectifiers with thyristors and diodes. A year ago we had to deal with inexplicable temporary failure of our rectifiers with thyristors. During extensive research into the cause of the failure, the question about the quality of our electricity came up. When the term Power Quality was mentioned, we immediately approached HyTEPS, our regular supplier in the field of Power Quality.”

Understanding Power Quality with EM720T

“In consultation with HyTEPS we have chosen for the EM720T. This is the fastest and most advanced meter that registers all possible Power Quality events, including transients, surges, dips, flicker and harmonics.

HyTEPS delivered four of these meters, one for each of our 10 KV power lines. We configured the meters and associated software in collaboration with HyTEPS.”

Real time insight and history

“Whenever we experience a failure of equipment such as frequency converters, power supplies or the thyristors, we are able to check the status of the Power Quality immediately - real-time - but also in the past. This reduces our search area concerning the cause of the failure.
In addition, we are able to provide insight into long-term trends.“


Clondalkin kiest voor Energie Monitoring met HyTEPS Valette - energiebesparing - energie efficiëntie


Clondalkin chooses the HyTEPS monitoring system

"The HyTEPS monitoring system helps us realize a sustainable production process. An additional advantage is the significant save of time and costs because of the system's automatic temperature registration and error alerts." - Jan Konijnenburg, Technical Service Supervisor at Clondalkin Flexible Packaging

✓ Realizing a sustainable production process

Improving sustainable production

Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Rotterdam is a producer of flexible packaging material. The factory produces around the clock and uses large machinery. Clondalkin aims to constantly realize a more sustainable production process and is therefore always looking at durable and environmentally friendly solutions.

Savings through behavior

"Only by knowing where and when most energy is being used, solutions can be sought to reduce energy consumption. Because of the broad range of features and possibilities for expanding, we have chosen for HyTEPS monitoring system. The system provides insight into the energy consumption of every individual user in the factory, which paves the road to realize a sustainable production process. Errors are detected immediately and reported in the user interface, so measures can be taken right away."

Measuring temperature conform HACCP

"We have expanded the monitoring system with the temperature registration conform HACCP feature. All exhausts are burned by an afterburner, which limits the emission of environmentally harmful materials. Every temperature in the afterburner is automatically registered, so no more manual checks are necessary."
"Because of the diverse features of the HyTEPS monitoring system, Clondalkin absolutely sees possibilities to further integrate the system in our company processes."