Optimize power and reduce energy consumption

Hotel Nijmegen saves after installation of COMEC voltage regulator

“To spoil our guests and to enrich their stay at Sanadome as much as possible, we consume a lot of energy. By installing the HyTEPS COMEC voltage regulator, Sanadome saves 10% in one of our Spa restaurants, which saves an enormous amount of CO2 emissions.” - Gerard Keurhorst, Repair & Maintenance Manager at Sanadome Nijmegen.





Saving is important for CSR (corporate social responsibility)

In a green and wooded area in Nijmegen lies the four star Sanadome Hotel & Spa. In the thermae flows mineral-rich thermal water, purified from two of their own sources. Sanadome is continuously looking for ways to optimize the quality of its equipment and, where possible, to save energy – all to ensure corporate social responsibility, save costs, and deliver consistent quality to guests.

Constantly looking for optimization

A contact alerted Gerard Keurhorst (Repair & Maintenance Manager at Sanadome) to the knowledge, services and products of HyTEPS in the areas of energy efficiency and power quality. Keurhorst subsequently participated in one of the HyTEPS’ Power Quality training sessions, after which HyTEPS performed a Power Quality & Energy Audit at his request. From the measurement data and analysis it became clear that Sanadome could realize savings of up to 10% by installing a voltage regulator at various locations.

10% savings with voltage regulator

“The HyTEPS COMEC voltage regulator has been installed by an electrician. After installation, HyTEPS performed control measurements during the commissioning. Due to these measurements it became clear that, if the voltage regulator is in operation, we actually have a lower, and therefore an optimal, tension in our network. This reduces fluctuations and creates proven savings in the kWh consumption of 10% in various locations.”



Higher voltage due to solar panels

Welten lowers voltage and prevents further problems and costs

“By installing solar panels we are saving energy and therefore reducing our CO2 emission. Unfortunately our solar panels caused a higher voltage in our electrical installation, resulting in office equipment malfunction and frequent errors. Luckely HyTEPS provided us with a suitable solutions, allowing us to rely again on our electrical system and equipment.
- Han Welten, director Welten Cleaning Equipment

✓ Lower voltage

✓ Reduction of Errors

✓ Extension of life span

✓ Saving Energy & CO2

Welten chooses solar panels

“The family business Welten from Deurne has existed since 1957. Because of our specialization in sales, service and maintenance of high quality cleaning equipment and hydraulics the company was renamed Welten Cleaning Equipment in 1990. In order to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, we opted for the installation of a large number of solar panels.”oot kozen wij voor de installatie van een groot aantal zonnepanelen.”

High voltage causes problems

“The installation of these solar panels was a great step forward in the area of sustainability. However, after the installation we noticed frequent errors caused by damaged office equipment. This turned out to be caused by a too high voltage level in our electrical system, regularly increasing to 250 Volts. The solar panels provide proper energy saving and a reduction of CO2 emissions, but at the same time they cause an increase in the voltage level, with all
its consequences.

HyTEPS voltage optimization

“After consulting HyTEPS, we decided to install a HyTEPS ComEC voltage optimizer. The ComEC voltage optimizer reduces the voltage up to 20 Volts. Because of the reduced voltage we can again rely on the usual functionality of our equipment and we save maintenance and repair costs.”

Additional savings in kWh and CO2

“In addition, this solution results in a further saving of electrical energy (kWh) and a corresponding reduction of CO2 emissions. After installation of the ComEC we we have not ascertained any problems related to the voltage level.”


Sporthal de Ruivert - Energiebesparing met spanningsoptimalisatie - duurzaam, MVO, CO2-reductie

Sporthal De Ruivert

"The adjoining sport complexes 'De Ruivert' and 'Mondriaan' in Oss are used very intensively, causing the light to be switched on for at least 16 hours a day. Because it concerns conventional lighting and both sport complexes are connected to the same power supply, a perfect location to us to save energy with the HyTEPS ComEC voltage regulator. The actual savings results are even better than expected!" - Pedro Kappen, CEO of Tijssen Elektro in Oss.

✓ Energy Saving of 17%

Power Quality and Energy Saving

"We have been working together with HyTEPS for several years now in the area of Power Quality, the quality of voltage and current. We are more than satisfied with this collaboration. In early 2013, HyTEPS told us about the COMEC voltage regulator, which is an easy way to save energy in a complete building, without violating the existing infrastructure. We already saw possible applications at several of our existing relations, including the Municipality of Oss. We have a contract with the Municipality of Oss and energy optimization is part of this contract. The Municipality of Oss owns and manages a large number of sport complexes where the use of conventional lighting and the extended opening hours should provide interesting saving results. "

HyTEPS Training Energy Saving

"We contacted the Municipality of Oss. And after we explained the possible additional savings a representative of the municipality participated with us in the HyTEPS training on energy saving by applying voltage optimization. During this course, the principle of voltage optimization was explained in detail. This was the deciding factor for the Municipality of Oss. "

Electricity savings

"The COMEC was installed in the main power supply to which both sport complexes 'De Ruivert' and 'Mondriaan' are connected. The installation was very easy. The realized savings of 17% on the kWh consumption is above all expectations. There is an additional saving in maintenance costs because lowering the voltage level increases the service life of electrical equipment. "


The HyTEPS Cos Phi is installed without infringing the existing infrastructure of business processes. It provides immediate savings, because we don’t pay for reactive power anymore." - Erwin van Limpt, managing director van Haval Disposables BV.

Innovative business operations

Haval Disposables B.V. started in 1984 with the production of disposables. Development and innovation take placeis managed independently and are part of the business operation. By continuous innovations of both production techniques and the assortment, Haval Disposables B.V. has become a specialist in the field of cutlery, glass and packages in Europe.

Cos Phi capacitor banks

“We always search for ways to optimize our production process and business operations. Besides this, it is interesting for every company to reduce costs. After a conversation with Jorlan Peeters from HyTEPS and an analysis of our situation, we found out that we could reduce the costs of reactive power till zero in an easy way, by installing a HyTEPS Cos Phi capacitor bank. There is an extra capacity achieved in the installation of 500 ampere by installing this capacitor bank. By this, we didn’t have to place an extra transformer. The payback time of the total investment is less than two years. "

LEC reduces the wear of lamps

"Based on HyTEPS' advice, we also purchased a LEC unit. By this, we save on our energy bill, but the main reason is the lifetime of our fluorescent lamps. Replacing these lamps is filthy and time-consuming. By increasing the lifetime of these lamps we less frequently have to replace them. We are more than satisfied about the achieved results."


Durability is an importantunderstanding for Wavin. On the one hand, we develop new products which support that durability. On the other hand, we look at our production and logistics and try every year to reduce our energy consumption.

Durability is central

Wavin is the biggest producer of plastic pipe systems in Europe, and since its acquisition by Mexichems , the biggest one in the world. Our set of actions to achieve this goal is twofold. On the one hand, we develop and launch new products that support durability. On the other hand, we look at our products and logistics, and try to reduce the energy consumption every year.

Significant energy saving without compromising performance

At injection molding companies, injection molding machines are huge consumers of electricity. Maarten Hamberg tells: “we looked at the energy consumption of our injection molding machines, and we can reduce this by applying HyTEPS SinuMEC voltage regulators for motors. By this, we significantly save energy, with an interesting payback time. We didn’t take any concessions on machine performance.

Ease of installation

Applying a voltage regulator was new for us. Untill now, we only had an experience with frequency controllers, but not with voltage regulators. We noticed the ease of installation and commissioning of the voltage regulator.


“As one of world’s leading brewery, both in volume and in terms of our portfolio of beer brands, we automatically have a huge responsibility in the field of corporate and social responsibility. Our vision ‘brewing a better future’ aspires to the right economic and ecological balance between durable investments in our natural environment, society, humans and partnerships.” - Wim Arkensteijn, Sr. Engineer Electrical/Instrumentation at Heineken
✓ 23% saving on lights

Heineken wants to be greenest

“Heineken wants to be the ‘greenest’ brewery on earth. Our durable policy consist of seven priorities, ranging from safety to labour policies in production countries. For our production process we specifically look at durable agriculture (grain and barley), water consumption, transport, packing and energy saving.”

Innovating and investing

“In collaboration with HyTEPS, we placed controllers (LEC) in two bottling plants and two beer warehouses. These LEC’s save each year 856.188 kWh and 445.218 kg CO2, this is comparable to 245 households.”

Saving 19,4% with HyTEPS

“Savings caused by the HyTEPS Light Energy Controllers are ranging from 13,2% to 26,2%. This results in a mean saving of 19,4% on energy costs of the lighting of four halls, in a payback time of less than two years. Moreover, the lifetime of our lamps is extended, which saves on the purchase and the physical replacement.
The HyTEPS LECs fits seamlessly in our sustainable policy, in which we aspire the right balance between ecological and economic efficiency.”



In times where energy saving, environment and sustainable business are important issues, Eneco takes its responsibilities. We constantly look for opportunities to support our customers in contributing to a more sustainable society.
✓ 11,4% saving on the total usage

Eneco Installation companies

‘For 40 years now, Eneco Installation Companies is the complete provider of heating, warm water, electra, ventilation and durable energy for individuals, housing organisations and utilities.’

Sustainable path

Eneco wants to stake steps into a sustainable future. Therefore, Eneco offers advice to its customers about the newest technological developments on durable energy and energy saving. Not only does Eneco give advice, but it also provides installation and maintenance.

Energy savings up to 15%

We get real time insight in our kWh consumption and savings by ComEC via the remote energy management system. The means our kWh saving is around 11,4%.

Gemeente Groesbeek

On advice from Accocare, the municipality Groesbeek in the Netherlands made the choice to implement several energy saving measures in its town hall building. Currently the municipality realises an energy lavel A improvent. By installing the HyTEPS ComEC Energy Controller, Groesbeek saves 6,7% on kWh on energy consumption in the town hall.
✓ 6,7% saving on the total usage

Sustainability property

Municipality Groesbeek wants to preserve their property as much as possible, and sees a possible solution in energy saving measures. “For the town hall, Groesbeek chose for the sustainability plan of Accocare, based on mainly electro technical and mechanical adjustments. The ComEC Energy Controller is part of this energy savings plan.

Accocare service organization

Accocare is a chain cooperation of companies working in the architectural, mechanical and electro technical field. By combining knowledge and specializations, we offer a total maintenance concept with the aim of unburdening our clients as much as possible. Nikkelen elektrotechniek is chain member of Accocare and member of ElektroNed. We have been successfull in the whole country for over 50 years, witihin the broad spectrum of companies in the utility sector.

Electricity savings

Groesbeek chose for the HyTEPS ComEC Energy Controller based on the easyness of its installation and ROI. By installation of the ComEC behind the main switch, Groesbeek saves on all electrical devices in the whole building. This results in an energy saving of approximately 6,7%.
Gemeente Groesbeek

Dycore Systeemvloeren

Dycore Systeemvloeren is a subsidiary of the publicly listed and worldwide operating CRH. Dycore develops, produces and delivers concrete system floors for a wide variety of buildings and various applications: ground floors, level flooring and roof floors.
✓ 25% saving on lights

The increasing price of electricity has become an important part of our the production costs. Dycore Systeemvloeren wants to work as energy-efficiently as possible, to save the environment and reduce costs. In the production hall of Dycore are mercury vapor lamps present, the area lighting is mainly high-pressure mercury vapor and in the warehouse is fluorescent lighting applied. De lighting is switched on approximately 12 till 14 hours a day.

For this test, a kWh meter for the lighting is placed. The energy consumption with and without LEC B is measured. A saving of 25% on kWh consumption on lighting is detected.


RTP Elektrotechniek B.V.

“RTP advices her customers about energy savings and life extension of existing and new lighting installations. Via the Technical Union Nijmegen we found HyTEPS. Currently, we have installed 8 HyTEPS Light Energy Controllers at three industrial companies with HPL lamps.” - Arnold van Ooijen, Account manager of RTP
✓ 23% to 30% saving on lights

100 years of experience

RTP Elektrotechniek B.V. from Afferden is an installation company with approximately 120 employees at the moment and over 100 years of experience. RTP offers engineering, realization, service and maintenance in a wide range of areas. From E-installations for utility and industrial projects, to the installation of telephone exchanges and data networks. In addition, RTP provides inspections and constructs control panels, PLS and visualisation systems.

HyTEPS Light Energy Controller

Arnold van Ooijen, Account manager of RTP: “RTP advices her customers about energy savings and life extension of existing and new lighting installations. Via Henk Laarakkers of Technical Union Nijmegen we found HyTEPS. Currently, we have installed 8 HyTEPS Light Energy Controllers at three industrial companies with HPL lamps. All three are metal related companies, namely a shipyard, aerosol spray producer and galvanization. At this moment, we're looking at saving possibilities with HyTEPS Light Energy Controller within a glasswork.

23% up to 30% savings with short ROI

“Before delivery, we provide our clients with a clear overview with possible energy savings, ROI and the expected life extension of equipment. We make our promises beforehand, based on the calculation schemes. Sometimes results are even better than expected”, says an enthusiastic Arnold van Ooijen.
The installed products by RTP result in the demonstrable achieved energy savings with the HyTEPS Light Energy Controller from 23% till 30% with a ROI of one till two years.