Monitoring Quality

Why purify water and not electricity?

Quality monitoring provides insight into the quality of voltage and current (Power Quality). Possible risks and problems can be detected, resolved and prevented.
Maintaining the quality of voltage and current – Power Quality – is the responsibility of almost all parties in the electricity grid: managers, consultants, contractors, product suppliers and end customers (businesses and consumers). Despite all the rules and standards that apply to this, we are facing more and more problems. Electricity can, just like water, become contaminated. Contamination in water is, in many cases, directly visible. Therefore everyone is aware of the need of water purification. Contaminated electricity is not visible to the naked eye, but it can involve costly and even dangerous risks.

Prevent disruptions, costly and unnecessary energy losses

Poor quality of voltage and current, or Power Quality, threatens the efficiency, security and safety of installations. A poor Power Quality increases the risk of malfunctions and damages, provides higher maintenance- and replacement costs and involves unnecessary energy losses. Monitoring quality helps you understand and act on the quality of voltage and current. Problems can be detected, resolved and, where possible, prevented.

Symptoms that may indicate a poor Power Quality;
– Flashing lights
– Heat dissipation in cables and distributors
– Recurring and unexplained equipment failures
– Security systems that are randomly addressed
– A service life of equipment that is too short.

Power Quality - waarom water zuiveren en elektriciteit niet?

Monitoring Quality: from easy meters to highly specialized analyzers

For monitoring quality we offer an extensive range of Power Quality meters, analyzers and peripherals with various software packages. The correct solution depends on the existing plant and equipment, the customer needs and requirements, rules that must be met and possibly current problems. We will talk to stakeholders to identify the intended purpose of monitoring quality as closely as possible, where after we provide the customized total solution (hardware, software and matching consultancy). To provide an optimal result, we also support the analysis and reporting of measurement data through our monitoring and analysis service. If required we can completely provide this service for you.

Power Quality Monitoring gives insight into (among others):

- Voltage, current and power
- Voltage dips - peaks and fluctuations
- inrush
- overvoltage
- harmonics
- transients
- frequency
- flicker


Benefits of monitoring quality

- Saving time on mapping and analyzing the power quality
- Continuous insight into the quality of electricity, even during changes in the infrastructure
- Quick and easy detection of Power Quality issues
- Obtaining tools for optimization of Power Quality
- Ensuring excellent Power Quality to customers (reliability)
- Demonstrating compliance with laws and regulations concerning Power Quality

Power Quality monitoring and analysis as HyTEPS service

Not every business has the knowledge or the time to actively work with the data obtained from monitoring quality. Each company and each employee has her or his expertise. We are experts in Power Quality and all related aspects. If required, we can provide the analysis of monitoring data. According to a previously discussed term we will periodically publish a report with an analysis of the measurement data and, if possible, consult on possibilities to optimize the Power Quality.

Are you curious regarding the opportunities of monitoring?

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