Save on your total usage

There are several ways of reducing the energy consumption. The most common solutions are well-known, and are used often. We offer a less known, but even effective solution that saves you up to 15% on your annual electricity bill. An safe and simple way of saving on your total electricity usage.

Reduction kWh consumption and therefore direct costs
Reduced costs for service and maintenance
Extended life electrical equipment
Reduction of CO2 emissions
Suited for monitoring

Energy savings = money savings

A voltage regulator is installed just after the main switch. Because of this, the energy use of every consumer in the building will be reduced. Depending on the type and number of devices in the company and their loads, the energy saving can reach up to 15% of the annual energy bill. A voltage regulator is particularly suitable for companies with a large number of energy consumers. Companies with an extensive lighting-, heating- or air-conditioning system, companies with many refrigerators and freezers, and many more, will benefit from the voltage regulator.

Save on your total electricity usage - Payback period of three to five years

Depending on the kWh consumption and its costs, the average payback period will range between three to five years. Curious to the possible savings of your company? We are able to give you an indication of the time it will take you to earn back the investment. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Our systems are perfect for restaurants, super markets, warehouses, gas stations, swimming pools, office buildings and many more.

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