Save on lights

Save on lights = Saving on life and costs

Energy savings on lighting can often be realised in a simple way. The most known way of energy saving on lighting is the replacement of the existing lighting system with a more energy efficient type. Besides this, there is another option for energy saving: a voltage regulator. A voltage regulator can save up to 25% over conventional lighting. Another advantage is that because lamps are loaded with a lower voltage, the life expectancy of your lighting will inrease. This saves both costs service- and maintenance costs.

Unnecessary use of energy

Energy companies can, in accordance with European standardisation, provide a voltage of 230 volts, with a deviation of 10%: this corresponds to a voltage between 207 and 253 volts. Lamps are designed to function optimally within this voltage range, but in reality the voltage in lamps often appears to be above 230 volts. This results in an unnecessary usage of energy, as 207 volts would be enough for a lamp to work. Our voltage regulator lowers the voltage level of your lighting system. By lowering the voltage you reduce your electrical energy consumption and save on your energy bill.

Interested what your ROI would be?

HyTEPS can make you a non-committal calculation
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