Save on engines

In production companies and industrial companies, equipment and machines are often in use all day long, sometimes even 24/7. This consumes a significant amount of energy. Any energy savings in this area will show an immediate and positive change on your energy bill. Our voltage regulator on phasing AC motors constantly monitors the required engine power and makes sure the engine will work on an optimal power level. This saves energy and may reduce the kWh consumption up to 18%.

The advantages of saving on engines

Save on engines = Save on lifetime and costs

Besides saving energy, the HyTEPS voltage regulator will extend the life expectancy of your motors. By improving the energy efficiency, engines are loaded less heavily and thus both maintenance- and service costs will be reduced. Because of the energy saved by the voltage regulator (up to 18% on the kWh consumption), the payback period will range between two and four years.

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