Energy saving

Energy saving is not a question but a necessity

Energy will become increasingly scarce and therefore more expensive in the future. Energy saving is, therefore, a necessity, of which everyone aware is: it prevents pollution and saves valuable raw materials. Besides that energy saving is good for the environment, it also benefits your company. Energy saving reduces your costs and your carbon footprint as well as it improves your competitive position. HyTEPS helps companies reduce kWh consumption. With three technologically innovative solutions, energy consumption on lighting, on engines or the entire building can be reduced.

Voltage regulators save 10 to 25% on kWh consumption

You can easily save on your kWh consumption by installing the HyTEPS voltage controller. This saving is directly visible on your electricity bill. An additional advantage is that the voltage regulator also diminishes the voltage fluctuations. This also positively affects the life expectation of equipment. Depending on your installation and the connected equipment, a saving of 10 to 25% is achievable.

Various reasons to apply voltage regulators

The customers where we have supplied voltage controllers each have their own reason, such as; Realizing reduced energy costs, reducing CO2 emissions or preventing malfunction of sensitive electrical equipment. Some of our references are on our website. Of course, this is only a very limited number of our realized projects.

3 types of voltage regulators

We have 3 types of voltage regulators, in order to provide the best solution for every situation. The type of voltage regulators depends on the equipment in the electrical installation, the voltage level, the voltage fluctuations and a variety of other criteria. Based on your electricity bill and additional information about your electrical installation, we can quickly and easily determine whether power saving with voltage controls is interesting to you, the best possible solution and the forecasted savings.

Prevent disruptions

The voltage regulator with which you save on your total consumption can in some situations also be the solution to prevent disruptions due to excessive voltage or extreme voltage fluctuations.

Energy Saving on total energy consumption

Energy Saving on lights

Energy Saving on engines

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