Repair and failures

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Please indicate to which extent you agree with the following statements:
1. The general communication with HyTEPS pleases me

2. I am satisfied with the response time to the failure report

3. The HyTEPS employee worked safely and used the correct personal protection equipment

4. The HyTEPS employee was competent and left a professional impression

5. The HyTEPS employee worked precise and had the right equipment with him

6. I am satisfied with the service of HyTEPS

7. The solutions to the failure/problem or the repair meet my expectations

8. I am pleased with the collaboration with HyTEPS

9. HyTEPS fulfills their promises
Explanation or remark (if any) on statements above:
The following two questions are open questions:
8. How did you experience the service HyTEPS provided?
9. How can HyTEPS improve its services?

Customer Satisfaction